QAP Consulting Services

As a trusted cannabis consultancy firm, we specialize in providing comprehensive Quality Assurance Person (QAP) consulting services to ensure the highest standards of quality, compliance, and product safety within the cannabis industry.

Our team of experienced QAPs and Regulatory experts understands the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of the cannabis market. We work closely with licensed producers, processors, and distributors to develop and implement robust quality assurance systems that align with Health Canada's regulations and guidelines.


Proprietary Quality Management Systems

We have developed a proprietary Quality Management System (QMS) specifically designed for the Canadian cannabis industry. Our QMS is intuitive, cost effective, simple to implement, and easy to maintain, ensuring seamless integration into your existing operations. It is tailored to meet 'Good Production Practices' (GPP) framework and the unique regulatory requirements of the Canadian Cannabis Industry, allowing you to establish and maintain high-quality standards throughout your organization.

Our system is custom tailored for each client and their specific needs, including International Compliance Modules which are designed to qualify your site for International Exports, such as EU-GMP compliance.


Experts in License Applications / Amendments

Navigating the licensing process and ensuring compliance with stringent quality standards is crucial for cannabis businesses. Our dedicated team specializes in quality assurance consultancy, providing expert guidance and support throughout the license application and license amendment processes. We have a deep understanding of the requirements and can help you navigate the complexities, streamlining the application process and increasing your chances of success.


Qualification for International Markets

Expanding your reach into international markets can be a complex endeavor. At Cannactions Group, we have the knowledge and experience to help you qualify your facilities for Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP), European Union Good Manufacturing Practices (EU-GMP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), CUMCS, and other international standards. We provide comprehensive guidance and support to meet the stringent requirements for exporting cannabis to international markets such as Australia, Germany, Portugal, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Jamaica, Israel, and more.